Andy Cox

The Alphabet Grand Prix is Andy's first published work, but he is currently working on several other literary projects.  Equally at home in the metropolitan areas of Warsaw or Stockholm and the waters of Southern California beaches, Andy finds inspiration in his family and his environment and does his best to return the enthusiasm. 

An agent of all things alliterative and one who designs to combine sublime rhymes, Andy Cox recognized the importance of letters at a young age.  He started his literary career in 2nd grade, writing a new Christmas story every year for his grandparents.  After finishing primary school, Andy attended Long Beach State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Creative Writing and used his skills professionally in marketing and copywriting. 

Having prevailed in the maturation process of life, Andy now lives in Long Beach, California with his wife and young son, all of whom enjoy reading, embarking upon adventures, swimming, and building forts.  He hopes his writing will encourage young readers to further pursue letters and words on their own and eventually discover the delights of reading and writing for themselves.