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The Alphabet Grand Prix Poster - Animals Only

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100% Paper from the USA, made in the USA. No gluten was harmed in the making of this book.

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11-1/4"L x 8-3/4"W x 3/8"H

< 1/2 lb.

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Love this book and it will share its love with you!

The illustrated letters and animals from the beloved book "The Alphabet Grand Prix" line up from A to Z in this colorful, detailed poster. At 12" x 18", this poster is large enough to allow the toddlers to inspect all of the letters and their alliterative companions! In full color and vibrant action, these posters are sure to entertain your little ones and intrigue parents!

Already Getting Some Love

Critics and readers are acknowledging this Cox-Kinsey collaboration for its keenly-written verse, vividly-drawn characters, and overall ability to teach something to readers that are both too young to hold a book and those who are looking to expand their vocabularies. Readers will love the alliterative, rhyming style and the interesting and detailed illustrations. Follow these characters (and their vehicles and pets) to the finish line to see who will WIN!

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